[INFO] how to aply...

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[INFO] how to aply...

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:34 am

if you want to be a gamemaster aply information about you, then i can check it...
some good things...
name, age, time playing maplestory, why want to be a gamemaster, why should i take you of all???, do you can commands?, are you active?...
and more more more... just write down all things you know about your self ! :-)


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GM Apply ! =)

Post  blissernlolomfgrofl on Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:14 pm

Hi, this is my gm app! Laughing

IGN : Skyflyer

Name : Johan

Age : 18

How long have u played Global MS? : Almost 3 Years.

Why do u want to be an GM? : Cuz i have alot of experience, ive been GM at 7 different MS private servers.

Will you ban just for fun? : NO ofcourse not!!!! only nubs do that.

Do u know any comands? : Yes i do, i have them on my computer, ALL of them Very Happy

What language can u speak : Floating swedish, almost floating english, learning deutsch.

Do u got much experience : As i said, ive been GM at 7 Different servers, and yes i got alot of experience, for example how u spawn zakum, u write !zakum.

End of my GM App, hope u pick me as an GM Very Happy

Peace Out lol!


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