Elmo's GM Application

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Elmo's GM Application

Post  harnorno2 on Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:19 pm

[Personal Questions]
4)IGN(In-Game Name):Elmo

5)Time Zones:GMT+8

1)How long have you played Maplestory?:2 years, 1 year in private servers
2)What experiences of a GM do you have?:I have been a GM in 2 different servers,Cashstory and GoSuMS..I know the codes and i even got myself a GM handbook..but I currently still learning C++.I know how to host events and stuff..
3)Do you get along well with others?:Of course..Just a simple 'Hello' can make the players go crazy..and lastly, helping players make me fell happy..Being a gm is not all about fun,is all about testing yr skills on helping ppl.
4)If in a situation with a hacker, what would you do?:I believe it really comes down to me just doing my job. If you cheat and we catch you, you have to go through me to get your account appealed. Go ahead, beg and plead all you want but if you don't want the time, don't do the crime.
5)If in a situation with a beginner/newbie asking you around, what would you do?:I would try my best and solve his/her problem...like he/she wants to find a NPC,i would personally bring him/her there..assuming they have the intelligence to follow directions.
6)If in a situation with your friend or someone you know well, asks you for something that you know that it's not allowded, what would you do?:Of course I would say no beacause i cant possibly break the rules of a GM..and if I give him that item,it would be very unfair to other players.I can follow instructions very easily and I don't need to be told twice what the rules are.
7)How would you handle with people disrespecting you?:I would say 'stop that' to the people...I would not ban or jail them for no reasons at all. I see so many GMS banning players left and right just because they smega saying that they don't like one of the GMs. I'm not like that at all.


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