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[ GM Application ] Spadez

Post  Spadez on Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:38 pm


Spadez [ Not Made Yet . ]

Type of In Game Position you are applying for:
Applying for GameMaster .

Amount of play time:
I can be on for about 12 - 15 hours a day .
Since there's no school currently .

Expirence as a GM:
Yes i do have experience as a GameMaster .

If yes to above question, How much time have you been a GM:
I have been GM on only one server . AegisMS . [ Server Closed down ; Titan ]
But i have been Owner in Addicstory & SpadezStory . [ Server Closed . ; Odin ]
I have oso been a Part time GM in AsianStory . [ Server Shutdown ; Odin ]

Reasons being ..
AegisMS - Titan's too hard to code . Owner Quited .
AddicStory - Nt many ppl came to join . Gave up and quited .
SpadezStory - Same as the reason for AddicStory .
AsianStory - Owner's Gt School problems . Therefore , shutdowned the server .

Reason that you would be chosen:
Some how , In other servers , Whenever i see a New player ,
I tend to keep and eye on them for a while . Because who knows ?
The player might / might not be a Hacker . Well .. Those i've spotted are usually hackers .
Lols . Call it luck if you want .

Whenever i see player asking for directions in game , i dun just leave them unanswered .
Even when im just a normal player , i help as much as i can .
Because i know if players are left unanswered , they would just leave the server .
Due to the bad response given to them .

I can oso be a Fun person . If i ever see players bored , i would host some events .
So that players will not be bored . xDD .

And i also know most commands that are not in the the handbook .
Or those customed inside the game .
I will not entertain players who ask for level / items .


If someone came up to you and asked you for mesos/items/levels what would you say?
If someone would to come up and ask for the above things ,
I would just ask them to give me a VERY VALID REASON .
This reason is nt just any reason . It must make me feel it's right to give .

When they managed to give me that reason , i will say ..
'' Post a thread in the forum for ur items . '' .

If someone was hacking and they begged you not to ban them, What would you do?
I will give Last time warnings . The next time i see them hacking , It's a permenant ban .
Not any ban , IP Ban . I will also give ScreenShots to support my ban .

Thanks for ur time in looking my Application .


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