Half introduction half application

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Half introduction half application

Post  Hirotoshi on Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:10 pm

Hello i'm here to post a short application with information about me so here we go:

Name: Frits Mouthaan
Age: 13
DOB: 2-6-95 (DDD-MMM-YYY)
Country: Holland, The netherlands
Experience: 3-5 years of GMing 1-2 years experience with Maple Story. Ive got a long list of servers ive worked for.
Why should I choose you: I'm available 6-18 hours a day, friendly and helpfull when needed.
Ways to contact you:
Xfire: trojanprins
MSN: fritsmouthaan@hotmail.com
yahoo: dalocompanor@yahoo.com

Thank you,



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